Workshop for Security Working Group
Paris, 26-27 June 2006

Host: Trialog
Participants: C2C-CC WG security, CVIS, Modinis-IDM, Sevecom

Agenda & Participants

Monday, 26 June 2006
09:00 Tamper Proof Devices:State of the Art, L. Csik (BUTE/Sevecom):
09:45 Philips security products, X. Serret (Philips/Sevecom)
10:10 Coopers Project, L. Bousis (Philips/Sevecom)
10:45 Secure Communication Protocols: State of the Art, Z. Ma (Univ. Ulm/Sevecom)
11:30 Discussion on tamper proof devices and secure communication for C2C
13:00 CVIS Project, T. Ernst (INRIA/CVIS)
13:15 Privacy and Identity Management: State of the Art, P. Papadimitratos (EPFL/Sevecom)
13:45 Identity Management: Modinis-IDM Study on Interoperability, D. De Cock (KUL/Modinis-IDM)
14:30 GST Security Aspects: Overview, D. De Cock (KUL/Modinis-IDM)
15:15 Risk Analysis for Privacy in VANETs, M. Gerlach (Fokus/C2C)
16:10 Improving Anonymity and Privacy in Wave, Amer Aijaz (VW/C2C)
16:15 Discussion on privacy and identity management for C2C
17:00 Requirements and Use Case, F. Kargl (Univ. Ulm/Sevecom)
17:30 Revocation Protocol using the Tamper Proof Device, M. Raya (EPFL/Sevecom)
18:00 Adjourn
Tuesday, 27 June 2006
09:00 Intrusion Detection: Introduction, E. Schoch (Univ. Ulm/Sevecom)
09:30 Data Consistency: Introduction, L. Csik (BUTE/Sevecom)
10:00 Potential Applications of Pairings, L. Csik (BUTE/Sevecom)
10:45 Secure User Interface: Introduction, F. Kargl (Univ. Ulm/Sevecom)
11:15 Secure Positioning in VANETs, M. Raya (EPFL/Sevecom)
11:30 Digital Rights Management: Introduction, A. Held (DaimlerChrysler/Sevecom)
12:00 Lunch
Workshop concluding remarks, A. Kung (Trialog/Sevecom): 
13:30 Adjourn

C2C members
Amer Aijaz Volkswagen
Matthias Gerlach Fraunhofer Institut Fokus, WG security
Brigitte Lonc Renault
CVIS members
Knut Evenson Q-Free
Thierry Ernst INRIA
Modinis-IDM members
Danny De Cock Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Sevecom members
Laurent Bousis Philips
Laslo Csik Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Stefano Cosenza Centro Ricerche Fiat
Albert Held DaimlerChrysler
Frank Kargl University of Ulm
Antonio Kung Trialog
Tim Leinmüller DaimlerChrysler
Zhendong Ma University of Ulm
Panos Papadimitratos Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Barbara Raither Trialog
Maxim Raya Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Hans-Jürgen Reumerman Philips Technology Research
Elmar Schoch University of Ulm
Xavier Serret Philips