Intelligent Transport Systems and Services World Congress and Exhibition
September 2009
At the ITS World Congress, Sevecom presents a demo at a joint stand with the Preciosa project. In addition, Trialog and Ulm University are invited speakers. 
See Presentations page for more details.

Article on Secure Car-to-Car Communications
September 2009
The article "On the Road to Secure Car-to-car Communications" appears in the ICT section of the EC Cordis website and describes how Sevecom and related research projects are working on communication channels between cars and roadside infrastructure which are secure from hackers and criminals and which maintain privacy. 

IEEE Communications Magazine
November 2008
Members of the Sevecom consortium publish three separate articles in the November issue of IEEE Communiations Magazine.  
See Publications page for more details.

C2C-CC Forum and Demonstration
22-23 October 2008, Dudenhofen, Germany
At the Car-to-Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) Forum and Demonstration, Sevecom members make a presentation on project results and a demonstration on security.
See Presentations page for more details.

EuroTrustAMI Conference
16-17 September 2008, Sophia-Antipolis, France
The Sevecom project is presented at the presentation EuroTrustAMI conference.
See Presentations page for more details.

eSecurity Workshop
27 May 2008, Brussels
At the eSecurity Workshop offered by the eSafety Working Group, four presentations were given by members of the Sevecom consortium.
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Workshop on Results and Challenges Ahead
20-21 February 2008, Lausanne
EPFL hosted a workshop on secure vehicular communications to bring together experts working on vehicular communication systems and their security. Its objectives are, first, to present the latest results which reflect the views of public authorities, academia and industry, and second, to provide the opportunity for an in-depth discussion on future research and development. EPFL is a partner of the Sevecom consortium.
See agenda, participants, and presentations.

Workshop on Common Solutions and Future Issues
17 October 2007, Berlin
Sevecom hosted a workshop with related projects to discuss a common solution for architecture and platforms as well as future challenges and roadmaps.  Along with Sevecom, the participating projects were the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium, Network on Wheels, and SafeSpot.
See agenda, participants, and presentations.

2nd eSecurity Working Group Meeting
25 June 2007, Brussels
Sevecom members participate to the 2nd eSecurity WG meeting and make a presentation on privacy enhancing technologies for in-vehicle telematics.
See meeting information and presentation.

7th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications
6-8 June 2007, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Sevecom is represented at the ITST conference with a presentation on the security aspects in C2C-CC and CALM.
See presentation.

ATA Workshop on Future Perspectives on Coo-perative Systems for a Safe and Sustainable Mobility
24-25 May 2007, Aosta, Italy
At the workshop sponsored by ATA (Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile), the secure vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication research carried out by Sevecom is presented.
See presentation.

1st Car 2 Car Forum
22-23 May 2007, Ingolstadt, Germany
Sevecom makes a presentation on the security challenges for C2C-CC Standards and the relevant research carried out in the project at the first forum organised by the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium.
The presentation is not publically available.

Kickoff of the eSecurity Working Group
23 April 2007, Brussels

Sevecom members participate to the kickoff of the eSecurity WG. This working group was established by the eSafety Forum Steering Group and is co-chaired by Antonio Kung.
See meeting information and presentation.

Workshop on Simulation
29 March 2007, Braunschweig, Germany
At the First Car2Car/COMeSafety Simulation Workshop, Sevecom makes a presentation on the efficient and realistic simulation of VANETs with JiST and SWANS.
See presentation.

The Fully Networked Car Workshop
7-9 March 2007, Geneva
Sevecom's presentation at the Fully Networked Car Workshop covers the concepts of security in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
See presentation.

Workshop on Electronic Architecture and System Engineering for Integrated Safety Systems
1 March 2007, Berlin
The Sevecom project was presented at this EASIS workshop. Among the goals of the workshop was a discussion on how the EASIS results can be linked to activites like AUTOSAR, ISO26262, and other on-going projects from FP6. Another issue was an outlook for the next steps towards a dependable embedded EE-architecture.
See presentation.

Privacy and Data Protection Workshop
13 February 2007, Brussels
Sevecom members participated in a workshop on privacy and data protection issues concerning in-vehicle telematics and co-operative systems. The workshop was attended by members of Article 29 (representatives of the national data protection agencies) and persons from DG Infso (eSafety and security unit), DG transport, and DG Justice/Freedom/Security.

European projects in this domain were presented (GST, Sevecom, Prime, Fidis, CVIS). The Sevecom presentation highlighted the need for a flexible architecture allowing for security PET enhancement and sketched a baseline approach based on pseudonyms. The panel discussed telematics, the obstacles, the dilemma between service and privacy (e.g. pay as you drive service). The conclusion was that a code of practice should be created, a task of the eSafety security WG leader.
See presentation.

New Security Working Group in eSafety Forum
15 January 2007, Brussels
The eSafety Forum has decided to create a security WG in order to coordinate security issues and work related to eSafety applications. Antonio Kung from Trialog, Coordinator of Sevecom, will co-chair this working group.

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