Security on the Road

SeVeCom (Secure Vehicular Communication) is an EU-funded project that focuses on providing a full definition and implementation of security requirements for vehicular communications.

The Sevecom vision is that future vehicular commmunication and inter-vehicular commmunication infrastructures will be widely deployed in order to bring the promise of improved road safety and optimised road traffic.   

Sevecom addresses security of the future vehicle commmunication networks, including both the security and privacy of inter-vehicular communication and of the vehicle-infrastructure communication.  Its objective is to define the security architecture of such networks, as well as to propose a roadmap for integration of security functions in these networks.

With the goal of enhancing the immunity of future road safety applications against a wide range of security threats, Sevecom focuses on communications specific to road traffic. Three major aspects will be examined.  

  • Threats, such as bogus information, denial of service or identity cheating.
  • Requirements, like authentication, availability, and privacy.
  • Operational Properties, including network scale, privacy, cost and trust.

For a more detailed description of the Sevecom project, read the slides of a general presentation and visit the Mission and Objectives page.

Collaboration & Co-ordination Workshops

  • September 2009: Sevecom members are invited speakers at the ITS World Congress.
  • September 2009: Article on Sevecom and secure communications is on EC ICT website.
  • November 2008: Sevecom members publish three papers in IEEE Communications Magazine.
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